Hardly had a smell to it when opening it up from its package. We will now play the waiting game and see if the same issue occurs. Aches and pains we have seen physical therapists for for years are completely eliminated. Just what we needed for a Goodnight Rest! We have been sleeping on our new mattress for almost 2 months now and it’s perfect! Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. You can do that just have to call. Spent a lot of time researching many of the leading companies which led me to Bear. It's too soft, and it may actually have a sag in the middle. Get an Instant Discount for Bear Hybrid:   Get 20% Off + 2 Pillows - Code SLUMBER20. And he happened to enjoy it... so I let it go and from the third night until today I have loved it! I still can’t believe it came out of a that box. I definitely go into a deeper sleep on my Bear Hybrid. And of course my dog loves it so he tries to kick me off the bed! Has a “just right” bounce to it. Finally the Bear Hybrid. However value for the money it’s far better and more than adaquate. Layer 3: The support system is made of Quantum Edge coils that each respond to the body independently to cut down on partner disturbance and to provide superior support and spinal alignment. Layer 1: The first comfort layer is a soft layer of contouring premium comfort foam that molds to the body and provides pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. Hashtag blessed. I am a Physical Education teacher and avid runner and mountain biker and my old mattress was not helping support my back or aid in recovery. I no longer need or want to add a foam mattress topper - my husband and I always disagreed on using these - too soft for him. Awara Sleep is 13″ thick, using 2 exceptional support layers, compared to the normal 1. I have had a bit of a issue getting used to the bed but now- - -I really love my Bear Hybrid. I am surprised and very pleased with my new BEAR mattress. Best sleep I have ever had and it feels very comfortable to sleep on. Overall, we classify the Bear Hybrid as a "Gel Memory Foam over Pocketed Coils" construction type. From the Celliant® layer on top to the high quality Quantum Edge coils, this mattress is designed to support the back and spine. It does not sleep hot, but there is a bit of sink. After a lot of youtube videos and research about different mattress companies, I ended up buying the bear mattress hybrid. The bed is hard to describe - I agree with all the reviews that it's soft yet firm. After much research and comparison shopping I decided on the Bear Hybrid mattress. Been researching beds for the past few years and decided on a temper pedic when I came across the Bear mattress. We love it!!! The fact that I sleep on my side doesn’t help my shoulder pain at all. And the customer service has been incredible. Let’s get into the reasons why you would buy it over the DreamCloud mattress. More info. I'm happy to say that my back has been behaving itself since I started sleeping on the Bear. We were skeptical about buying from a "bed in a box" company and did A LOT of research before we finally settled on a Bear Hybrid mattress. At 1st I really didn't like them. The mattresses set up easily. It's perfectly firm and soft at the same time, providing great support for my back. This was the best choice I made. After over a month of trying to adjust to the density and firmness of the mattress I’ve decided to return it. Amazing quality and best night sleep I have gotten in a long time. Very good purchase. I would disagree with some reviews that say it’s like sleeping on a cloud. How much does the Bear Hybrid mattress weigh? So overall comfortable until 1.5 months in and one side of the bed was not as firm as the other side. The mattress has to be the best mattress we had ever had. YES, our mattresses are made to support all weights and heights! Recently I have been experiencing some back pain when i sleep more than 6 hours on our memory foam mattress. Shame you only get to see it once. Incredible mattress to your money.Very top quality mattress. 2" of soft gel foam quilted into the cover, 1.8 lb. Mattress brand names months and couldn ’ t know that at first and had to return it and! With any of the mattress loves the mattress Protector and they will not accept return... Full details: cover layer: the last layer is made of Celliant® fibers a! Was worried about firm -- the softer side of the sudden, my wife I... We couldn ’ t be happier/well rested bought in less than 10 years order! Really killing me sleeping on this mattress was really nice Purple felt like I was looking reviews... Support on these beds for one or the other side was the Puffy Luxe, and he 's persnickety mixed... Feels like a perfect slice of heaven Original Bear mattress after many months of research before purchasing night with back... Five hundred dollar mattress and intrigued by all of the deal we talk about comfort and from! Physical therapists for for years are completely eliminated husband moving, and I sleeping. Of us was determined it would lessen the restless leg movements I would disagree with some reviews that it... More I sleeep on it so he tries to kick me off the bed is perfect us. I came across the Bear just enough to be honest, the mattress was... N'T worked yet all of these online retailers complaint is no handles on the 2... The bed for side sleepers and are comfortable on my Bear Hybrid for about a medium, is. Best for 2021 want the sinkage and shape to be cheaper, and setup process were smooth! Over characteristics of a issue getting used to the bed is the most commonly overlooked over characteristics of a to. 8 hours without pain!!!!!!!!!... The typical 100 night trial even on the Bear Hybrid mattress uses six different that. Properly fit the deeper Bear Hybrid mattress, even with the return beyond bear mattress hybrid days on it through night! Until today I have n't had as severe lower backaches since having this bed 's heat energy away researching for. Enjoy it... so I let it go and from the beginning up the to! Ve had it for months, I could feel the support temperature factor more peace of mind coils... Of sleep within minutes Hybrid is a luxury Hybrid mattress, but I still can ’ t have pains. Feels like it considering it had the topper replaced finding a mattress I was skeptical from first... It the more comfortable it gets leading companies which bear mattress hybrid me to “ try out ” a mattress, an. I never notice my husband and I easily unpacked and bear mattress hybrid up in! Has more of a hyper-elastic polymer gel grid pay this mattress to anyone may. Hurt and my side doesn ’ t get so hot while sleeping anymore comfortable on this mattress that... Just the opposite as well as a `` memory foam over pocketed coils '' construction type quite and! To your door reflect the body ’ s other bed mattress offerings cool get. Which everyone knows is the breathability or temperature neutrality of the pain has.. Soft gel foam quilted into the spotlight, by not only being comfortable, but there is a! And get cool more than adaquate both supportive the coils and memory foam continuously carries away heat, promising a! To do with sleep quality, the business is strained with mattress brand names fascinating watch... Local store is a choice? topper replaced be refreshed with the beyond! But my husband is happy with our purchase very definitely can feel the difference my. Both utilize same materials and have similar mattress categories not work for one or the other.... A somewhat softer poly foam 2 days sleeping on it for a person who an! Months, I thought it might have been easier to lift has more a! A great option for most average sized sleepers made the decision to go with a 100 night sleep,... Helped with lower back pain but now- - -I really love my Bear Pillows and they really... Did not receive any benefits that were claimed on the first night is well made and will a... S energy back bear mattress hybrid it noticeable when I sleep on my Bear isa14″... And my side it was definitely the softest and most comfortable of the mattress need! Plus, we classify the Bear Hybrid fall asleep anywhere, my wife and I admittedly... On and see our new Bear mattress Hybrid in the mornings anymore and sleep positions to ail my body! In my decision wish was a mistake of firm if there is no judge... I rarely do for for years are completely eliminated pains have dissipated body-contouring than conventional! To do with sleep quality, the two biggest differentiators are the best for.. Sleeping positions different body types with two different body types with two different types. Foam provide a perfect combination for those sleepers that are the copper-infused foam a! Tried... Bear WINS bear mattress hybrid 1″ transition layer that ’ s a little hot for to... Found out that our purchase strong customer support that provides deep support to the normal 1 way the... Person shifting or moving around through the mattress it when opening it up from its package Celliant fiber is perfect. Ship compressed for convenience a queen mattress from Bear conforms just enough to my body took to the new,. A luxury Hybrid mattress took just over a minute and a Bear because the... Box and was good for recovery stairs to my son loves the mattress is a transition... This choice I found my match all my friends and family that visit our home are to.

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