"Must be the peaceful life catching up to relax your mind and body." "Nah I believe we are good." Louie was catching his breath as he held Olivia's hand, he turned to see a couple of officers approaching them before he lost consciousness. He grabbed his radio and called for Eric but there was no answer. she said turning to Louie and Dave but as they were closing in Dave realized the lights ahead wasn't the parks entrance. See more ideas about siren, creepy art, creepy images. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Are we expecting severe storms tonight? The lights then flickered and shut off. Everyone remained silent for what felt like half an hour as the truck turned a curve they soon saw lights ahead. "Eric! I swear I didn't. https://creepypastafan.fandom.com/wiki/Siren_Head?oldid=2305. The lights turned off followed by the arrival of the familiar warning system sound, it all happened too fast and there was a loud crash. Some creepypasta-style monsters work best as urban legends, but Siren Head … she asked and Alexis shook her head, "I think something is outside..we need t-". He heard movements but all the trees werre still and looked the same as the footsteps grew louder and heavier. ", Dave shook his head. He then heard the familiar storm warning system coming from behind him, but he dared not to look back. She said and Alexis grabbed her hand and they returned to the water. "Boss...Boss Man..." it was Eric and Wade quickly grabbed the radio. said Wade, he was now getting annoyed with him, but he can't blame him he saw something. "Hmm, this ain't good," he said as the console showed a storm formation on the south expecting arrival that night. Wade looked down at the radio he was holding. Siren Head Creepypasta by Gamerdude1941 [edit | edit source] (Siren Head was created and copyrighted by Trevor Henderson P.S. she replied. He was injured with a cut on his arm. Henderson has confirmed that Siren Head's sirens have the ability of releasing various sounds out of them, such as conversations, white noises, and extremely loud sounds which can damage hearing. she suggested and she exited the vehicle. Louie was a slim guy with some bit of muscle growth and his hair combed to one side. And no, it's not with echolocation, this sense is supernatural. said the boss and he went to his desk. "Wilco." A buzzing, doubled voice screamed random words at her. Suddenly she heard Olivia screaming for her and she turned to see a giant hand swinging towards her. A Date with Siren Head. Considering a storm is not due for another weekend and we haven't seen any bears or deer around. The footsteps were silent as Dave held his breath, he slowly got up and looked around the shed, there was some tools around but he doubted it'd do anything. I know Alexis can play pranks on me but I know she is serious. Rising out of the old cemetery, big as an old (macabre) telephone pole. He muttered as he lowered the paper, the power then starts flickering. Two months, that’s how long I have been running. Curious, you decide to open it, wondering what secrets it holds. there was walking sounds in he background followed by silence. The warning sound then comes on at the direction the light was at. "Did you leave the radio on?" Wiz: Befitting his size, Siren Head is also considered to be a very powerful physical threat and fast enough to keep pace with a speeding car and appears to possess a special sense, allowing him to "see" even without any eyes. Ahhhhh!!!!!". he said. Shop siren head sirenhead creepypasta horror merch created by independent artists from around the globe. she continued. "Slow but right now Eric is on his way to another campsite because of unusual activity. siren head creepypasta creature Essential T-Shirt ... siren head sweatshirts & hoodies. he called from the truck, as Dave quickly moved when suddenly warning system noises came on followed by movements. "Okay take care until we return." She tried to see but there was nothing there. he asked. He jumped and turned at the sound of alarms but he looked around and there's nothing. Nearby a radio static sound was heard. "The police and Wade returned to the park the following morning, there was no sign of Dave, the bodies of Ben and Alexis was soon discovered after report from Louie and Olivia. I would say siren head is far the creepiest creepypasta creature of all Siren head is created by Trevor Henderson He turned back to the radio and walked over to it but it was shut off. Popular . Was this some kind of bizarre art piece the authorities hadn't gotten wise to yet? said Ben. Accompanied by another vehicle and camper truck, the driver then turned around and continued his journey. It is an enormous, emaciated being with a pair of sirens where a head would normally go, which are capable of emitting various noises both natural and man-made, including sirens… Dave eventually arrived at the station and went inside the building. $22.99. I can't tell you how many nights I couldn't sleep thinking that Siren Head would come in my room and snap my neck) Two murderous crytids live together like a … "Looks like plan b then, cooking inside." Back at the campsite the girls looked out the window both silent as they heard gunshots. "Eric! They stopped to hear the sound of a vehicle stopping and doors opening and closing. "Yeah..." said Louie he then turned around "Come on, let's look around some more.". He then returned to the station when the radio alerted. Rising out of the old cemetery, big as an old (macabre) telephone pole. VILE.". He stopped at the sound of heavy rustling in the trees followed by a strange sound, but he couldn't make out what it was nor where it was coming from. "Behind you!" Louie! Suddenly he heard movement in the water. Wade out.". The clouds cleared giving some light from the moon, Wade can now see the creature. Louie sat in the camper when he turned to see the two return, Olivia rushed to him and hugged him as Dave caught up. They're still here. "Wade to Dave over", "Somethings come up with Eric at the nearby campsite. (2/2)Even as she stepped out of the car, the megaphones on it's " "Dammit, just where?" "Something is wrong alright. "R-right" said Louie as he headed back to the camper while Dave headed to the forest. she suggested. "Officer Wade to Officer Eric come in..." he called but there was no reply. "Jesus, What the fuck!" Price: $17.99 FREE Shipping Get free shipping Free 5-8 day shipping within the U.S. when you order $25.00 of eligible items sold or fulfilled by Amazon. Ben rushed back to the truck and turns to see Louie waiting for him a few feet away, and approaches him as Louie turns around, he stopped. Suddenly a male voice was heard. "I don't know, but I'm hoping the guys are close"said Alexis as she then went to turn off the lights in the camper, Olivia turned to her "what are you doing that for? "Ah! "Something is in the Park...Its big...but it blended so well in the trees...", "Take it easy son we are going to get out of here.". Louie then got up and grabbed Olivia's hand, Dave then turned around and spoted the sign. "Hmm...trees fallen...uprooted....storm warning sounds?" He went over to the toolbox nearby and found another fuse bulb but it was broken. The shock of the noise freezes you in your tracks. he said before looking around the room. Ben?" Be Unique. Praying he doesn't come across any wild animal, but knowing what he was going through it could be that thing. "NINE. Wade arrived at the watchtower as the storm rolled in. "Oh! He finally saw the head as it held two megaphones in place. ", "There's something out there, some kind of walking creature with a siren like mouths- it's making all sorts of sounds...it attacked Eric. "I don't know, Ben went to go look for the girls." he answered "I better get going, I'm guessing I'll reach the station by nightfall.". I arrived at the site, his car was trashed and there was no sign of him.". I wanted to write a story based on it) I don’t know why I’m writing this but I feel like I just have to. Shop siren head sirenhead creepypasta horror t-shirts created by independent artists from around the globe. There's something outside! Louie and Olivia stared at the distance as they too heard the siren noise. "This is Park Ranger Dave, who is there? "Say no more I'm on my way." The system rang out all over the park as Louie and Ben entered the store. REMOVE. "Boss I arrived at the location, there's some trees knocked over but some are uprooted, while others are leaned to the side.". Listen cancel your shift and get out! said Dave as he grabbed Olivia's hand and headed back to the campsite. As he gently shone the light ahead of him, appearing on the other side of the tree was Olivia. they then both shook hands. "Hopefully the guys are okay." You happen to find what appears to be a lost journal. "All clear on systems." Her tone changes a bit when she is scared.". Eric begin screaming as Wade turned around to see him laying on the floor with his hands over his ears. Another hour or so later and the group returned to their campsite where they looked around the park grounds. "Not without you now come on!" The noises stopped and the creature ran into the woods. "So far campfire and food, we also planned out our swimming spot as well as fishing.". "Hmm what?" The drizzle doesn’t help, glittering the glare of headlights and streetlights across the windscreen before the wipers smear it away, then it glitters again, then it’s smeared away again. He stopped to see the paperwork with a note labeled: He picked it up. The two headed back and looked, they soon found footprints leaving the campsite and into the forest. "No, I haven't started my shift yet besides Eric said he wanted to do it himself, no harm." she explained, trembling. Wade put the radio in his shirt pocket, went to his locker and grabbed his gun before heading off to the campsite. He then got out of his car and quickly climbed to the top where he found Eric. replied Wade and he placed the radio down as he went over to the console. shook Olivia and Louie held her as she cried. "We are going to get more fire wood from the camp store. To your relief and dismay, the siren abruptly stops, leaving you in total silence. This story was edited by GodfreyHoIsLife) A truck drove through the forest road to a nearby campsite on a late afternoon. The truck was damaged and turned over with a wheel missing. Alexis takes a few small steps back, she was too scared. Wade frowned and turned to the consoles. We print the highest quality siren head sirenhead creepypasta … There's something bigger than what any park ranger can handle.". ", "If anything we should try to hide ourselves, if whatever is out there comes back and sees a dark vehicle it might think we are gone. Wade then turned to the creature and opened fire from the rife, hitting it on the chest. he said grabbing her hand. He then went over to the next monitor and activated the storm warning system. He shouted just as Louie did so. Siren Head Sirenhead Creepypasta Horror Character Tank Top $18.99. "Boss we are going to need backup...what the?! $23.10 + shipping . $14.99. "No time," he said and he check his gun and pulls out two cartridges, he had 15 rounds left. Wade then turned to Eric, to find in horror blood was running from his ears, he was in agonizing pain. Louie's truck raced quickly on the road, he held Olivia's hand comforting her as she squeezed his. "The radio didn't give of the extreme weather warning?" Morning came as Wade returned to search but there was no sign of Eric. Ben walked further into the forest, the scenery was getting darker and darker barely any light poking through the trees, he breathed heavily but remained calm. On and on, … The Sound of Sirens Read More » ", "Copy that I'll let you know how Eric is doing. she replied as she leaned on Louie, "It feels nice right now.". It was skeletal-like but still had skin. "I'll search ahead, check the RV if it's still working." nodded Louie and Ben took off with his phone's flashlight on as Louie headded inside. Oh god!" Neighbors reported the disappearance when they saw the backyard patio door was left open, and no one answered the front door when they-. Alexis had beautiful long hair and a model figure, Olivia looked a bit younger. Meanwhile Louie and the others were at the lake side fishing while the girls swam. he said and he yawned. asked Olivia, putting the snacks on the counter top and drying herself. ", "I don't think I can, my leg is caught in something.". He stopped and turned around at the sound of a warning siren of a attack, he couldn't be fooled this time as he readied his gun. "Your safe now, where are the other two campers? The sound died but the footsteps continued on, as in the corner of Dave's eye he saw the trees moving. "Ill resume tomorrow morning with more staff, I'll see you around." he thought. This story is purely fiction, any similarities in anyway is just coincidence. He found Louie still at the driver seat and unbuckled him and move him out of the truck, then grabbed Olivia who was groaning and he pulled her out. Dave soon stopped to find himself at a trail and looked around, he then spotted a utility shed and quickly went inside; once he entered he stopped and fell onto the floor, he breathed heavily but the sounds were still heard as he now heard words at random. "Dave, thought I told you to stay inside! Dave went through some bushes as he held his light but there was a lot of trees. (1/2) She was on vacation with her husband and they were scoping out graveyards on the way, as you do when she saw it. agreed Olivia who returned to the shore. "Okay, stay in the Camper, we are coming as quick as we can." Eric took a deep breath. Louie asked. he asked. He didn't care where, as the next sound he heard was a loud roar. said Ben and the guys left. Siren Head caught on fast, inspiring tons of fanart, an indie horror game in 2018, and a Fallout 4 mod this year. Most of it doesn't interest you until you come to a page written in what looks to be a frenzied fashion. on the back of the photo is written "Arizona Desert Family Vacation - 1966" in magic marker, -a family of four missing from their suburban home this Thursday night, with no signs of a break-in. "Once, when I was very little, have you?". "Couple of times when I was a middle schooler." Then suddenly there was static sounds followed by a warning sound, fearing the storm was getting worse she quickly left her car and entered the camper. Item Information. said Ben. he said as he grabbed a clip board and walked back to the room. EIGHTEEN. "Looks like the girls ran that direction, but who knows where that leads too." "Hmm." This story was edited by GodfreyHoIsLife). "Dave! said Ben holding onto the handle. They were halfway then the rain slowed down bringing clearness to Wade, but he could still hear the noises, which was now emitting random words. Olivia asked. As Ben watched them he turned to Louie and said: "You know me too well, but yeah...the radio went off and there was static.". said Louie as he grabbed candy. She quickly ran to her car and entered to get the snacks, just as she grabbed it she heard a thud and looked out the window. The rain pounded harder causing the station to flicker as he walked over to the console to find the weather reports off the charts. Olivia turned to Alexis and she was more worried. The console then rang out and he walked over to it. "Alright then, I'll message you in morning." He checked his phone, it was midnight and a fog bank was rolling in. Siren Head was created back in 2018, by the Canadian designer, artist, and comic maker known as Trevor Henderson. $14.22. "I'll give a call on updates". Dave then turned around and headed back inside, Louie then looked at Olivia. Ben then rushed to the camper and runs inside but it was empty. shouted Louie and Dave quickly turned around to see the creature approaching him. He carefully walked towards Ben but as he turned the corner he dropped down as he found Ben's body, Ben's head splattered open with his right eye drooping down hanging on by the artery, his body torn in half, his rib and heart exposed as he was missing his arm. Alexis got up, shouted "Here!" he said as he placed his hands in his pocket and turned around. He then faced forward to see a truck approaching him. $9.29. "Have you been camping before?" "Olivia?" "I love the outdoors it brings joy to me, I do like the animals...", "A couple of times." Meanwhile back at the station, Wade began putting papers away in the file cabinet when the radio came on again. I'm glad your safe, come on we got to get back to the campsite. Image size. It is bound in leather. Meanwhile at the station Wade paced around and stared at the map, he held his mug and drank. "He said he will catch up at the entrance, come on." I actually also have other snacks in my car, let me go get it." Olivia asked, tilting her head. High-quality fabric. "Alexis?" Dave slowly exited the shed and looked all over his surroundings, he then quickly got onto the trail and headed off to the Park Entrance. Be Unique. thought Louie "That is weird." Everyone breathed heavily but wasted no time as Dave quickly got inside the truck and they sped off. and he hangs up. IMAGE DETAILS. he said as he walked back to the campfire. "No, Eric would already be doing that to alert me." he said and he pressed the gas. "I think I see him, I'll question him, I will report back soon." "Say that again...Olivia's truck was tossed?" "Yeah, it was a bumpy road although I thought I heard some rubbing on the springs, other than that I lived." ... Alien Siren Head Hoodie, Horror Monster Creature Urban Legend Story Scary Top. he explained. Everything was documented and held in file, but nobody could figure out what caused the chaos, or where the creature came from Tt didn't appear during the search but Wade knew it was still there somewhere until it claimed its next victims.". Thank god you made it! "P-please don't shoot" she said as she held up her hands. "ALEXIS GET BACK INSIDE!! Vintage Retro Scary Siren Head Creepypasta Horror T-Shirt Not for Sale in Retail Stores. "It's back! replied Alexis. The trees wasn't close together, there was plenty of light from the moon but it was still foggy. Creepypasta Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. It looked very skinny, as if it was only bones, but you could clearly see some flesh on it and it had metalic wires through it’s body. he thought. ", "Well the camper ran off as I got close and the storm siren went off.". Just then the noise stopped. Siren Head Addon V3 (Fear The Creatures Update) If you the one who liked scary thing and challenging to play in your survival world, then this add-on is for you it added the scariest mobs and extremely creepy mobs into your game Siren Head is a fictional character from an artist named Trevor Henderson, now they’re in Minecraft Eric!" He then got back outside and pulled out his phone. "If I don't then hopefully today I overcome that fear." CHILD. she asked. Six minutes into the ride back, the siren sound once again returns only this time much, MUCH louder. "I don't like it, I'm heading back...Wait...Wait I see something in the woods...The hell? Dec 16, 2020 - Explore Anthonycastro's board "Siren head" on Pinterest. and opened the door outside only to find nothing, she started getting anxious when there was a sound of a thud and she stood still. She turned to Ben who was staring at the lake with his fishing rod. ONE. "You didn't hear the radio?" Back at the station Dave opened the fuse box to see the fuse switch was weakening. Louie and Ben arrived at the campsite only to find it trashed. Ah yes you know me..heh heh." We print the highest quality siren head sirenhead creepypasta horror t … he said as the two shook hands. Gunshots were heard followed by a weakening siren noise, Louie and Olivia finally reached the Park entrance, but they kept running until they reached the police station and they collapsed. screamed Olivia. Rocking back and forth due to the dirt ground, the driver remained calm, he then entered a clearing, stopped on the side and exited the vehicle. "So what's been done so far?" Sirenhead Siren Head Creepy Horror Character, Are you afraid T-Shirt 4.7 out of 5 stars 70 ratings. Photo recovered from an abandoned cell phone by father and son hikers in Yellowstone National Park, July 14th, 2016. "I'm sure they are." They stopped and turned to the sound of something hitting an object followed by the girls seeing Olivia's truck tossed and rolled a few feet away from them.

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