Free ring cleaning service – This is a default policy almost every jeweler offers and is actually a marketing tactic to increase future sales. So, I am in exactly the position you described regarding sizing/resizing. As a testament to this, there were only 2 possible diamond choices within the Cartier’s Set For You program based on our own experience. Anyways, if you are thinking of shopping at a Cartier boutique store, do make use of the “private” room even if it’s just for the coffee. With the Trinity, Cartier is going back to its roots, to one of the core symbols of the brand, which are the three rings of Cartier in rose, yellow and white gold. “It doesn’t matter whether a diamond has a GIA “Very Good” or “Excellent” cut because Cartier uses their own benchmarks to select diamonds based on its appearances.”. Well, it isn’t. Sigh… The problem here with deep diamonds is that the diamond faces up smaller because weight is trapped in the profile. And because the wax seals are pre-moulded, each of them comes in a generic cookie-cutter shape. I’m not stupid and I don’t buy the claims. Just because a diamond looks nice and sparkly in a jewelry store doesn’t mean it will look the same once you walk out of the store with a purchase. Established in 1847, Cartier begun its long and prestigious history of designer jewelry from a humble store in Paris. The ring came quicker than anticipated so fiance was able to surprise me still. I hope my personal experience with Cartier has given you some insights about their diamond jewelry and will help you make better purchasing decisions. Instead, I want to base my diamond selection criteria on tangible facts and data. In fact, not a single Cartier diamond I had seen so far had passed my personal standards to be purchase worthy. Sadly, there was nothing within our specifications available in-store for us. Someone listed the ring for sale and it has all the relevant certificates of authenticity from Cartier and GIA. If brand and prestige did matter, which jewelry house would say offers the best value? Besides doing my friend a favor, I could also give Cartier’s customer service a full test run to see how well they fare. Designed by Louis Cartier in 1924, the Trinity ring is a signature design of the Cartier Maison. How to Evaluate Diamonds For Their Light Performance? For example, a 0.54 F VS2 diamond was available for around $8,000 but this was way over our initial budget of $6k. Since they have an upgrade term i use to do it every 2yrs up to the point i reach up to .63 CT color G VS1. Instead, here’s how Cartier packages the gift box in their showroom. My wife’s happy because I can get her more jewelry (with better quality) for the cost of getting one at Cartier. The price difference between an original Van Gogh signed by himself and an exact imitation without the signature would be huge despite the fact that the paper, paint, picture etc are exactly the same. In contrast, the 2-3 hours of shopping experience at Cartier will only slowly fade over time. I have only seen one sorta replica of the Trinity Ruban and it did not look good. You need to understand that every single GIA “Very Good” cut grade diamond receive the particular rating for some reason/s in cut deficiency. For the record, there is no lack of top-tier GIA excellent cut diamonds available in the market today. Go back to Cartier if branding and prestige is something you are willing to pay for. Why go to Mercedes to buy a Honda? Representative ASET image of round diamond we bought. Or is the diamond really the part that holds the value vs the Cartier setting and qudos associated with that? Casted in platinum, the Cartier 1895 setting features a sturdy 4 prong solitaire design which doesn’t catch onto clothing or lining easily. As you say here, the experience was great at the store but when it was over I felt a little duped. And no details were given on the cut. Unlike some other high-end boutique jewelry stores I had visited, Cartier’s service is considered very good and you feel like a “king” the moment you walk into the store. When a diamond is graded “Very Good” by GIA, it means that the diamond didn’t meet the standards in one or more areas of “Face Up Appearance”, “Design” and “Craftsmanship”. Extra small: The Cartier Trinity Ring in XS features a 1.5mm band width. Width: 2.8mm. They merely “hand pick” diamonds from their suppliers and when it comes to diamonds (like anything else in retail businesses), just because a brand name is attached to a piece of jewelry doesn’t necessarily means that it is of better quality. If that’s a round cut diamond you have, it’s badly cut and definitely not going to do well in the modern market. basic prerequisite to start your search in, What We Ended Up Buying – Cartier Solitaire 1895, passed my personal standards to be purchase worthy, Sales Policies, After-Sales Services And Trade Up Policy, Cartier’s Packaging – Gift Wrap, Classic Red Cartier Carrier Bag, Shocking Price Comparisons of Cartier Vs. Other Jewelers. Comparison #1 – Cartier vs. Brian Gavin Diamonds. Add to Cart. Cartier certificate of authenticity which comes with every purchase. Is the quality of diamonds better? Now, it’s perfectly OK for vendors/salespeople to boast and make claims about their products. 2) The girdle thickness range is mediocre (medium-slightly thick is the max I would recommend). Conclusion of Our Cartier Review – Are They a Rip-Off? In our case, my friend needed a diamond ring urgently because he was flying off to Australia in a week’s time and had made plans to propose during the trip. Now, the specifications (4Cs) of the diamond aren’t the only factors causing availability problems for shoppers. The price of a 0.85 ct diamond with F color, VVS1 clarity would cost around $13,800.00. I know which would fetch more. Paul! Inside the private room, the sales staff started off by showing us a few Cartier engagement rings with different carat sizes and begins preaching about Cartier’s diamond quality. Branding, though intangible, does indeed count for a lot. The sales staff (incidentally who’s also the boutique supervisor) thought GIA only graded a diamond’s cut based on proportions. We also exceeded our initial budget and paid $7,000 for the ring. You will get treated very well and also get to enjoy personalized service there. Also, steep diamonds cause light leakage to occur under the table. Three rings, three golds, one icon. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t know he’s speaking to someone who knows his stuff and is used to being fed marketing BS* all the time. You can read this article I wrote on this topic for more details. On the other hand, if the ring is too tight and can’t be fitted onto her finger, wouldn’t this cause some awkwardness when a guy is down on his knees? Instead, cleaning your ring at home takes only 5 minutes of your time and can be performed easily with simple tools like toothbrushes and soap. (i.e. Three rings, three golds, one icon. However, when shopping at Cartier, the available options would probably boil down to a measly 2-3 diamond options if you are super lucky. So, I did the next best thing and searched for Cartier rings in the secondary market. Cartier London boutiques are temporarily closed but remain available for home delivery and virtual appointments. With a better clarity and more well-cut center diamond, the entire purchase only comes up to $3,530 ($2,521 + $1,017). The GIA “Very Good” cut grade and the terms “optimal brilliance”, “guarantee of exceptional beauty” should be mutually exclusive. Let me list out the problems below: 1) The table and depth proportions combination is not ideal for light return. So do you think within a budget of maybe 14000 that would be technically and financially possible ? Trinity Rings Springing from the imagination of Louis Cartier in 1924, this unique, movable ring was made of three interlaced bands of yellow gold, white gold, and pink gold. I thought that maybe I could buy an excellent cut diamond that would have better characteristics and then have them mount it on the ring which I think should be less that 7000 something, and still be able to save a few grands. In this particular scenario, my friend is pretty set on a Cartier ring and he understands that Cartier is going to impose a huge premium on their jewelry pricing. If I purchased my jewelry from an over priced branded establishment I would be too embarrassed to tell anyone, which would defeat the reason for over paying in the first place. Width: 2.8mm. It was made on a request that came from a famous French artist, novelist, poet and filmmaker named Jean Cocteau. Obviously, he couldn’t afford the ridiculously long waiting time for the ring to be resized if it was needed. Speaking from a professional’s point of view, this is a diamond I cannot recommend to anybody in good faith. any additional information beyond a grading report. I loved your article, it really is a ‘refreshing gem’. My fiance gave me a very generous price range and I convinced myself that I needed to have a Harry Winston ring. The three interlaced and mobile bands, open for interpretation by the wearer, are the timeless inspiration behind an iconic collection, a symbol of style and elegance. Maybe we can exchange emails? Conceived by Louis Cartier in 1924, the Trinity collection is one of the Maison’s signature pieces of jewellery. Based on my previous experiences with Cartier, I knew there probably won’t be a wide range of diamond selections for any given specifications of the 4Cs. Needless to say, I gladly obliged and rendered my help immediately. For beginners who find it difficult to discern cut differences in glaring spot lightings of jewelry stores, I recommend using an ASET or Idealscope. Book a virtual appointment here. If your going to check the price in there, it will cost you around 12-13k sgd. In case you haven’t realize yet, Cartier’s Set For You service is the same as buying BLIND online. If you didn’t know yet, Cartier is famous for their well-designed watches and fine jewelry collections. Personally speaking, I can NEVER recommend a round diamond with GIA “Very Good” cut rating to my readers in good conscience nor claim that GIA “Very Good” cut round diamonds can guarantee you exceptional beauty. The price paid was exorbitantly high and if you can even claw back 20-30% of the price you paid, you would have done extremely well. Once the purchase was made, the sales staff mentioned that the ring box could be gift wrapped and wax sealed. Given the limited selections available, I’m very sure there are many other customers who face the same problem we had encountered. There’s no stamping process involved at all. Since we were looking for a simple and classy ring setting design, the signature Cartier 1895 setting was the most obvious and safest choice. Regardless of whatever crown/pavilion angles the diamond has, the maximum cut grade it can achieve is only a “Very Good”. The proportions aren’t fantastic and the diamond runs a heightened risk of chipping due to its “Very Thin” girdle. The boutique manager I spoke to revealed that Cartier do not make diamonds, do not cut diamonds nor do they produce the diamonds they sell. The display of products in grid mode is active. I am looking for a ring with lots of smaller diamonds by the sides. Here’s a screen capture of the email where I was quoted $6,450 for a 0.50 princess cut diamond mounted in a 1895 setting. There is no doubt they would still be overpriced for the diamond anyway, but I am really enamored with the Trinity Ruban setting and I haven’t found anything comparable. babypanda. Otherwise there would be no brands, nor any sustainable business. ... Trinity De Cartier 3-Gold Ring Replica Paved Diamonds Small Model B4086000 $97.50. Frankly speaking, I’m shocked to see GIA “Very Good” cut diamonds being offered; let alone the thought of “Good” cut diamonds being used. For brilliant cut diamonds under 0.30 carats, Cartier allows a cut grade of “Good” to “Excellent”. During our visit to the store, we were recommended a GIA Very Good cut grade diamond by the sales staff and this diamond was based in Paris. There’s absolutely no reason to start selecting diamonds from the “Very Good” cut grade tier if you are really looking for quality. We ended up paying an additional premium for a VVS1 clarity and purchased a diamond smaller than 0.50 carats. You probably knew that Cartier is going to charge you an arm and leg because of their branding. I haven’t had time to browse through your whole blog but I hope I’ll find a survival guide to read and understand these gem reports. The three interlaced bands in pink, yellow and white gold symbolize love, fidelity and friendship. The fact that the sales staff had the audacity to say Cartier’s diamond quality is consistent and among the best in the industry while trying to sell us a “Very Good” cut diamond makes me infuriated. I was told they did resizing for free for life and free engraving as well. And that’s where Cartier’s “Set For You” program comes into play. I prefer same size or higher from my old one. I bought it online because I just thought it was much better value for money. Feel free to click the images below for more details about the listings. Thanks for sharing your experience. This a fantastically detailed and helpful article. M. Rare Cartier Panthère bracelets. Unlike Cartier’s diamond selection standards, I review every single aspect of cut quality when picking out potential diamonds for purchase. One of the most incredible things about the Trinity ring is that it remains utterly contemporary. As long as the diamond faces up white and is eye-clean, that’s what really matters to my friend (i.e. In total, shopping for a super-ideal princess cut diamond at would cost you only $3,262 ($1,824 + $1,438). A popular choice of jewellery now, the trinity ring was the brainchild of Louis Cartier in 1924 and is often seen as the ultimate way to express your love. Now, I know some of you may argue it’s no big deal because resizing can be performed any time after the proposal has taken place. Go to main content. I don’t think I would have selected a lux brand ring if I wanted a solitaire engagement ring or a simple setting engagement ring as I think they are way over priced. Harry Winston only carries D-F colored diamonds with VS2 or better clarity in their inventory. Thanks for spending the time writing, I feel like a learned a lot. In fact, during our visit to Cartier, we were recommended such a diamond by the sales staff who served us. To be honest, if I was someone with zero knowledge about diamonds, he would probably be able to convince me that Cartier’s diamonds are the best in the world. Interestingly, when I told the sales staff that Very Good cut diamonds will have issues with optical performance and/or durability and I didn’t want my friend to buy such a diamond. Depending on how busy their work schedule are, I was told that it could take anywhere between 6-10 weeks before you’ll receive the actual ring. It depends on how much sparkle you expect to get from a diamond. Now, I know there are many people who would call high-end boutique jewelry stores a rip-off but I won’t go as far as to saying that about Cartier. diamond carat size, costs,). Trinity ring, small model, 18K white gold, 18K rose gold, 18K yellow gold. Now i have second thought if i will buy another diamond ring in Lee Hwa still or will just look from another store. What they offered me was a free ring resizing within 1 month and any subsequent ring resizing will be charged at a pretty ridiculous pricing. My philosophy in diamond buying is always to shop for the best value and quality possible and that’s not something you will get in high-end boutique jewelry stores. Thanks. Most of the round diamonds I had examined have a girdle range between thin – medium – slightly thick. There were also a couple of other available options which are near the $8,000 mark in the store. Tradesy is trusted by millions of women. Book a virtual appointment here. Actually i bought few diamonds in Lee Hwa specially on their destinee ring. If you were getting a second piece at any higher prices, it’s just not worth it. I have 1.01 carat ring from Cartier. I wish I had found your website a few months ago! Good review! WHAT!!?? The display of products in feed mode is active. However, for rings like Cartier Destinée, Trinity Ruban or Ballerine designs, the presence of pave melees will restrict how much the ring size can be changed. The ring has inspired the full Trinity collection, a timeless testament to life's most memorable loves. G color, VS2 clarity). Any jewelry house you would recommend in terms of setting quality and ring design? But after reading your articles i got confuse again but thans for sharing your expertise for buying diaminds. Can You Tell The Differences Between the Color Grades? Since a Cartier ring was what my friend wanted, we had to settle for something less ideal in terms of cut. Read more information here. Source: GIA Cut Grade Estimation Tables for Standard Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds. I fell in love for the ballerine diamond paved ring and did an inquiry on the price. At this point, the sales staff made the effort to check the inventory of every single Cartier store in the country and even went as far as checking the Cartier stores from neighboring countries. It’s going to be hard to get finger sizes or ask questions out of the blue without her raising any suspicion. Based on Cartier’s sales staff marketing pitch, he wants us to blindly believe an “intangible aspect” of Cartier’s selection process that a “Very Good” cut diamond is a great choice because he is trying to sell it to us. If you’re looking for an introduction piece to the brand, I highly recommend the Cartier LOVE ring over the JUC ring. 4) There is a presence of a very small culet. A symbol of style and elegance, this signature ring won the hearts of both women and men, counting Gary Cooper and the famous poet Jean Cocteau among its fans. It’s a ring that has three intertwined bands in yellow, white and pink gold.See these famous versions of trinity jewellery over the years: Trinity … Six Of The Best Diamond Images To Be Captured. Overall, the service and attitude of the sales personnel left me with a great first impression. Thank you for the article! Cleaning the ring for free for the jewelry’s lifetime is a common practice in the industry. Since there were no other customers around, we got attended to immediately. Also, Cartier’s program pales in comparison to other online vendors because their loose diamond inventory is extremely small. You see, Cartier wants you to believe and trust that their diamond selection process is stringent. However, when it comes to the crunch, it is the quality of the product that really matters and whether their diamonds are truly well-cut. Symbolically, the yellow gold ring stands for fidelity; the white gold ring represents friendship, and the pink gold ring stands for love. Is this the new style now. The accompanying GIA report for the purchase. For example, if a GIA “Very Good” diamond is polished to excellent proportions and receives a rating of excellent for both polish and symmetry, this means the diamond FAILED the visual inspection tests for brightness, fire and scintillation for an excellent rating during the grading process. In general, I found that Cartier’s rings cost a WHOPPING 2 TIMES MORE than a similar looking ring with better diamond quality based on my shopping experience. This was such an interesting read and finding out how much are cartier engagement rings compared to other retailers. Well, it’s probably OK if the ring is a little loose as you can still slip it on the lady’s finger during the proposal. Here’s another Cartier diamond ring listing on the secondary market and I am using it purely as an educational example of the kind of quality you may expect to find: Without the need to see this diamond in person, I can immediately identify a huge number of issues based on the diamond’s grading report. Also, there is a separate desktop lamp with white fluorescent lighting that can be used for jewelry inspection. So I ended up with a smaller carat weight than I wanted and am now unhappy and looking to sell it to get a bigger carat without the name. The total cost of the ring at amounts to $7,425 ($6,600 + $825). For the record, I recommend buying diamonds with nothing less than an Excellent cut. You Read That Right. I will do an indepth review into Harry Winston in near future. I can tell you that a 1 carat H VS2 diamond with a cost of $17k Euros is way way overpriced. I have inherited a Cartier ring that I would like reset into a slightly different more modern Cartier setting. The ring has inspired the full Trinity collection, a timeless testament to life's most memorable loves.

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